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Fancy saying hello? Then fill out the form, I'd love to hear from you! Know about something to do with typography that should be mentioned? Then get in touch. Spotted a horrendous mistake (more than likely...), then get in touch.

I am a fan of typography, not an expert. There are many other people in the world who know far more about this subject. Which is why I've tried to make this site more of a reference to books, sites, foundaries and designers that are out there. If you know of some other books, sites, foundaries or designers, then I'd love to hear about them, just fill out the form on the right. If I like the cut of their jibs, then they will be included.

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Sunday, Monday... Fonty Days, Tuesday, Wednesday... Fonty Days, Thursday, Friday... Fonty Days,
The weekend comes, My letterpress hums, Typesetting my way to youuuuuu! is coded in front of a live studio audience.