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My long-suffering wife had to do without my riveting and spectacular company as I coded and designed away at this site. This page is for her and written by her to vent the frustration of living with such a attractive and knowledgeable fella...

Trials and Tribulations of living with a Graphic Designer

When I’m asked what my husband does for a living I always get the response “Oooooo that sounds exciting” followed by further questions about this interesting job. The thing is, they should try living with a designer, especially if he has a thing for fonts… Oh sorry, I mean TYPEFACES (this is an example of the brainwashing normal folk like me are exposed to). I don’t think a day goes by without my knowledge of said typefaces increasing in some way.

I thought I would share a few examples below:

Set Scene – Watching a film
Me: *Jumps at loud shouting. What? What is it?
(thinking it's something to do with fight happening on screen)
Hub: That… that there on the wall… That typeface was not even INVENTED in this time period
Me: *Sigh…

Set Scene 2 – Watching another film
Hub: OH GOD!!!
Me: *Jumps at loud shouting. Jesus what!?!
Hub: Look, just LOOK at the kerning on that name in the title
Me: *Sigh…

I think you get the drift, oh and his head nearly falls off if he sees a poster, advert, ANYTHING in fact that uses the DREADED Comic Sans.

Yep, the love for fonts can take over people’s lives, this site is living proof… I spent many lonely nights watching the re-runs of Friends (which NEVER gets boring), while my beloved sits holed away in his room talking to himself, ranting, raving and singing about fonts.

And, it’s not just a select few that have this obsession… There are loads of these ‘types’ (see what I did there… heh) out there that revel in all things font related. There are games (Type Trumps) of which I have been forced to play, Films (that BLOCKBUSTER Helvetica, not featuring Brad Pitt), Clothing! I mean I draw at line at walking round ASDA with him wearing a Helvetica T-Shirt! SERIOUSLY! There are even jokes which some loon has made up, let me share one with you…

“2 fonts walk into a pub, Barman says, sorry we don’t serve your type in here! ”

Husband laughed hard while telling me this joke, I think my response was ‘Oh dear’.

So you see, many people are consumed by this strange love for fonts. In fact, that’s why you are on this site, probably reading this and thinking I am the loon… Well, all I can say is:



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Typography is a lovely thing that we all could do with knowing more about. But don't listen to me, i spend my time making faces with letters!

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Typefaces are everywhere! Find out how to get your dirty mitts on some and find out more about ones you already know!

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